Baja California Sur is located south of the Baja California peninsula with an area of 73,475 square km and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. It is a land of contrasts, and therein lies its main attraction. Those who travel through the South Californian territory will find multiple surprises along the way: warm beaches, estuaries, mangroves, oases, palm groves, picturesque Magical Towns, a unique desert flora, grand cave paintings, ancient missions as well as modern and functional cities complemented with tourist infrastructure of first level.

Like the two seas that embrace it, Baja California Sur represents its duality, in multiple ways: the haughtiness of the tropical oases coexists in harmony with the simplicity of the desert; the union of the grand Pacific Ocean, with the calmness of the Sea of Cortez; the trail of our ancestors embodied in cave paintings, with the missionary temples; and fantastic beings, such as the gray whale living in harmony with man, its former hunter.

In Baja California Sur, the traveler will find the great beauty of its landscapes and spectacular sunsets, a wide range of first-class tourism: world-class hotels and spas, restaurants with a rich gastronomic variety, modern night clubs and family entertainment, malls with prestigious shops and brands, world- renowned golf courses, the best beaches, abundant sport fishing, diving, ecotourism activities, extreme sports and interesting prehistoric and colonial remains.

Baja California Sur offers a myriad of attractions and activities that make it the ideal place for vacation whether for relaxation, fun or business, and where the most valuable thing that the traveler will find is the characteristic hospitality of its inhabitants, in addition to the tranquility and security that surrounds its territory; all those who live or have visited this wonderful place, confirm the harmony and freedom of the region, where man and nature coexist in perfect balance.