You would need a lifetime to discover the infinite beauty of the state of Chihuahua.

Observe this vast territory, a palette of colors that change as you go: canyon ocher, forest green, desert gold, apple green, sky blue, sun yellow and the dazzling silver of October moons.

Close your eyes for a moment and feel how our hearts beat to the rhythm of the Rámpora Rarámuri or to the beat of polka. Hearts that also shout in excitement with the rodeo, hearts of good, brave, noble and loyal people. Sharpen your ears and listen to the roar of the El Chepe Train crossing the mountains to meet the past.

We are home to three cultures: Creoles, Rarámuri and Mennonites. We are desert, canyon, snowy forest and grassland. We are modern cities and charming towns, we are valleys and waterfalls, we are the Sierra Madre.

In this fertile and generous land where the landscape changes every kilometer, we are the ones who open the gap with daily effort. We are an ideal place for business, a technological, exporting and manufacturing power, we are also people farmers.

Chihuahua tastes of the sophisticated salt point of our exquisite dry meat, of the freshness of our crunchy apples, of the subtle flavor of the asadero and Mennonite cheeses. We are the northern essence that offers joy in Sotol (Chihuahuan liquor) and our extraordinary wines.

Here we are waiting for you, come and live our Infinite Chihuahua.