Michoacan is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. It is located in the western center of the Mexican Republic.

The largest cities in the state are its capital Morelia, Patzcuaro and Uruapan, linked to the world thanks to an extensive communication infrastructure such as airports, land transportation and receptive tourism operators, which make it easy to arrive from anywhere in the world.

Better known as the soul of Mexico for all its richness in different areas, in Michoacan you can taste the different flavors of our varied cuisine; also, see beautiful landscapes, since we are a state with all types of climates. In November you will be able to reunite with your loved ones at our ancestral celebration for the Day of the Dead. Later you will see how the monarch butterflies begin to arrive at their sanctuaries. We are Purepechas, ready to conquer you with your visit.

It is one of the richest states in lakes, forests and other natural beauties such as, the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries, the Paricutín Volcano, the Eduardo Ruiz National Park, the Lake Camécuaro National Park, as well as the Pátzcuaro, Zirahuén or Chapala lakes, which receive a remarkable migration of pelicans traveling from the northern hemisphere during the winter.

It also has the Costa Sierra where various species of sea turtles arrive to reproduce, or the various cold or hot spring spas.