Spheres, glass art that decorates Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico is a deep-rooted tradition, unique in the world. Year after year is decorated with spheres made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen who use the blown glass technique to create beautiful creations that accentuates this festivity.

The Magical Towns of Tlalpujahua, Michoacán and Chignahuapan, Puebla are the two most representative destinations where year after year, thousands of national and foreign visitors buy these iconic products, and at the same time enjoy the tourist attractions and gastronomy of the place.

The spheres that embellish Christmas in Mexico are the product of a tradition inherited generation after generation, since the 17th century when it began in our country. Actually, there are records that show that for more than 2000 years they were already made in China.

The technique went through Europe and then, the communities in Mexico adopted it from the Spaniards, resulting in an extraordinary fusion, which remains up to these days.

Tlalpujahua and the Sphere Fair

The tradition and production of these artisan creations is so important that one of the 5 most important festivities in Tlalpujahua is the Sphere Fair, which takes place from October to December, so that visitors can see with opportunity the wide variety of colors, models and sizes of spheres that are produced. This way, homes will have one of the most characteristic elements of Christmas in Mexico.

Tlalpujahua is located at approximately 3 hours away from Mexico City, and 1.5 hours from Morelia or Toluca. It is located northwest of Michoacán, bordering Maravatío, Contepec, Senguio and the State of Mexico.

It is the birthplace of the Mexican insurgent Ignacio López Rayón, reason why it was named after him, the official destination’s name is Tlalpujahua de Rayón. Its architecture stands out with buildings from the viceroyalty era and manors with balconies, as well as a rich mining history.

So, when you visit this Magical Town to buy spheres, give yourself the opportunity to visit tourist attractions, such as the Hermanos Rayón House-Museum, the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Sanctuary or Dos Estrellas Mine.

Tlalpujahua is surrounded by charming natural sites, which provides it with a special appeal. Proof of this is the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, which between the months of November and February receives thousands of specimens of this migrant species, which travel from Canada to Michoacan forests, like those found in this destination.

The picturesque beauty of Tlalpujahua was the reason why it was appointed as Magical Town since June 27, 2005.

Chignahuapan and its sphere ateliers

There are records stating that in this Magical Town of Puebla there are more than 200 ateliers and sphere factories, where tenths of millions of pieces of art are produced annually, and which decorate Christmas in Mexico.

Located 2.5 hours away from Mexico City, 1.5 hours from Pachuca and 2.1 hours from the city of Puebla, Chignahuapan is a beautiful town nestled between hills, which gives it a peculiar climate, particularly cold.

The Mudejar kiosk is one of the places that every tourist should visit, due to the characteristic style of this artistic current that emerged in Spain at the end of the 19th century; it is also the ideal place for a picture of your visit to this town.

There are also cultural sites such as the Immaculate Conception Basilica and Plaza de Armas, the natural attractions are the most representative in this Magical Town. Waterfalls such as El Cajón and Quetzalapan; its lagoons and hot springs, are just some of the most popular attractions for visitors.

So now you know, Tlalpujahua and Chignahuapan are the two most recommended options, not only to buy the spheres for the next Christmas season, but also for the opportunity to visit two incredible Magical Towns in Mexico.