Mexico’s privileged location allows it to be “bathed” by the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, which make our country a paradisiacal destination for tourists seeking sun and sand. The long coastline that exceeds 11,000 kilometers allow each beach to be unique by itself, with waters of different shades and sand of different textures. The marine flora and fauna also make Mexico a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

The Sea of Cortez, considered “the world’s aquarium”; the beautiful Bay of Acapulco, with one of the most privileged climates on the entire planet; and the Oaxacan beaches whose waves are perfect for surfing are just a few examples of what can be enjoyed in the Mexican Pacific; while on the side of the Gulf of Mexico we find the Costa Esmeralda, in Veracruz, and the turquoise blue of the Mexican Caribbean, with its white sand.